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3 N. Lowell Road, Town Hall

(603) 434-7530
(603) 425-6582
Hours of Operation: 

M-F, 8 AM - 4 PM

The Assessing Department is responsible for documenting and listing all taxable real property in Windham, maintaining accurate ownership data, and assisting with taxpayers to participate in the various programs offered per State law, such as veteran’s credits, elderly exemptions, etc. 

The Assessing staff encourages taxpayers to contact us with questions or concerns and, in particular, to review the current assessment record card for correctness. Currently, property cards are available via a public computer in the Town Hall and online here.

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Property Tax Abatement applications - Only accepted after the issuance of the final bill (December Tax Bill). Must be submitted by March 1st, following the annual tax bill. See NH RSA 76:16.

Property Tax Abatement application


Restoration of Involuntarily Merged Lots or to request a Lot Consolidation/Voluntary Merger:


2013 Property Tax Assessments

2013 PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENTS  (Note: 2013 Tax Rate is $23.60 per $1000 of value): A complete listing of assessed values sorted by location for the 2013 Tax Year

A complete description of property, site specific data, and the valuation breakdown is available printed on a “Property Record Card”. You may obtain a copy of this card at the Assessor’s office or our GIS web site. To get a card off the web, go to ONLINE GIS, review and accept our disclaimer, and enter ONLINE GIS, hosted by CAI Query Manager and search by Owner, Address, or Parcel ID.

From the Assessor's Office - Additional Links & Resources

ADDITIONAL LINKS:  We also offer the following as a means to aid you in better understanding the workings of the property tax process and departmental procedures: Note: Each link will open in a new browser window.

Property Sales Data


View the latest real estate transfers, including sales price, in the following report, which is updated every four to six weeks.

Town of Windham Revaluation Sales Reports:

Assessment Revaluation(s)

Windham completed an assessment revaluation in 2010. The purpose of the revaluation was to correct errors, add property improvements, and adjust values to reflect “market values” as of April 1, 2010. New value was not based on a prior assessment times some percentage of change. The next scheduled revaluation is 2015.

Physical changes to property will be updated each year reflecting what was completed by April 1st. We encourage residents to allow a full inspection to ensure the accuracy of our data collection. Errors may be corrected at any time.

We invite residents to contact our office at 434-7530 with questions, concerns or to discuss the assessment process.